Cosmetic Dentistry in Jamesville, NY

Our dentist in Jamesville, NY isn’t happy unless you’re laughing out loud—with confidence!

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry in Jamesville, NY is designed to give you your smile back and restore your emotional wellness. You’ll smile with ease again and laugh at all Dr. Kurt D’Amico’s jokes with self-assuredness following cosmetic dentistry with us.Young Couple

Additionally, we offer cosmetic dentistry options that fit most budgets.

The First Step to Your New Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Jamesville, NY

It all starts with a smile chat and exam in our Jamesville, NY dental office. Dr. D’Amico wants to learn more about you and what you’re looking for in a new smile. Are you considering a subtle change, for example, or a dramatic smile overhaul?

Your exam will consist of a visual inspection of your current smile and x-rays if no recent or relevant films are on file. Your dentist in Jamesville wants to make sure the service you’ve chosen will meet your smile goals and that your dental health is in tip-top shape before you begin your smile journey with us!

Dental Bonding for a Practical and Inexpensive Enhancement

Dental bonding relies on composite resin to conceal several dental flaws—cracks, chips, stubborn discoloration, and even small gaps and shape issues.

Preview Your Smile before It’s Finished

Speaking of smile goals, with us, you can preview your smile before we begin the work to make sure it meets your expectations. It’s like a time travel into the future, only better. Our method doesn’t rumple your clothes or mess up your hair.

At Kurt D'Amico, DDS, we use a diagnostic wax-up to show you what your smile will potentially look like at the end of your journey. We take an impression, send the mold to a quality lab, and they send back a model of your future smile. We can also use this technology to create temporary restorations!

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Bright Smile

Professional teeth whitening in Jamesville is designed to whiten your teeth dramatically. At Kurt D'Amico, DDS, we offer in-office teeth whitening, take-home kits, and KöR bleaching. Your dentist in Jamesville, NY will help you make the best choice based on your smile goals.

Take-home kits mean you whiten your teeth at home on your own time. Curl up with a good book and let the magic begin!

In-office whitening, including KöR, may provide faster results. KöR has been shown to lift stubborn yellow, brown, and even tetracycline stains from teeth. 

If you have an event coming up—wedding, reunion, or vacation—talk to us about the best way to get your smile in shape for all the festive photos.

Porcelain Veneers

For decades, porcelain veneers were a Hollywood secret, but now we offer the same dramatic and symmetrical smiles right here in our Jamesville, NY Dental office.

Veneers help conceal:

  • Gummy smiles
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Flawed teeth
  • Height discrepancies
  • Discoloration

Dental Implants Are So Much like Natural Teeth

Dental implants are the crème de la crème when it comes to tooth replacement. This technology replaces your root and your tooth. You’ll never have to worry about realigns or adhesives. Just smile and go!

If you have full tooth loss, ask us about an implant-supported denture. A few dental implants are often all it takes to support an entire arch of restoration teeth.

CosmeticDentistryBrunetFull Makeovers for the Ultimate Cosmetic Enhancement

If you have multiple cosmetic and oral health issues, a full smile makeover may be the best option for you. Your Jamesville, NY dentist borrows from several dentistry banners to help create a healthy and beautiful smile just for you!

Start Your Smile Journey with Cosmetic Dentistry in Jamesville, NY

At Kurt D'Amico, DDS, we take cosmetic dentistry very seriously, but we also believe that the journey can be fun!

Don’t be nervous! Expect a lighthearted cosmetic dentistry appointment with an amusing team—and a lot of before and after photos. Contact us to schedule an exam and smile chat with our Jamesville, NY cosmetic dentist today.

We serve patients in Jamesville, Manlius, DeWitt, Fayetteville, and all surrounding and outlying locations.