Periodontal Disease

OlderBlondCoupleIf you suffer from periodontal disease (gum disease) in Jamesville, NY, you are not alone. This condition affects millions of Americans, but fortunately, it is treatable. Dr. D’Amico, your dentist in Jamesville, NY, creates a treatment plan that meets you where you are in the disease course. His goal is to stop the progression and provide you with a healthier smile.

At Kurt D’Amico, DDS, we are here for you throughout your treatment and always available to answer any questions that you may have about your periodontal disease and progress. It is our pleasure to remain at your side as we work through this situation.  

Your Dentist in Jamesville Is Here to Stop the Progression of Your Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease in Jamesville, NY is a serious infection of periodontal ligaments and other tissue structures that support your teeth. Without treatment, this disease can claim your teeth and compromise your overall wellness. In the early gingivitis stage, your dentist in Jamesville, NY can reverse the course away from periodontal disease and back to positive oral health.

In our dental office, we hold no judgments. We simply want to help you live your best life with a pain-free smile. We also never want you to be at risk for the complications associated with periodontal disease, which include heart attack, stroke, and systemic infection. Periodontal disease has also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease in some studies.

Your dentist in Jamesville, NY customizes your periodontal treatment based on your disease. In some cases, when your periodontal disease is severe, he may refer you to a trusted specialist who shares our patient-centered approach to care.

Treatment for periodontal disease may include:

  • A deep cleaning—below the gumline—schedule in our dental office
  • Root planing
  • Root scaling

These procedures are designed to clear away infection from below the gumline and encourage your gums to better support and cradle your teeth.

Periodontal Disease: Signs, Causes, and Prevention

If you suffer from periodontal disease in Jamesville, NY you may notice bleeding, red, and swollen gums. You may also suffer from periodic tooth or jaw pain. As the disease progresses, you will notice an elongated appearance to your teeth as your gums recede and pocket away from these teeth.

The causes of periodontal disease include but are not limited to:

  • Poor oral hygieneWhiteFemaleExamsandCleanings
  • Poor dental care (or lack of dental care)
  • Smoking

The best ways to lower your risks for periodontal disease include:

  • An excellent brushing and flossing schedule
  • Visiting your dentist in Jamesville, NY twice yearly for professional teeth cleanings and comprehensive exams
  • Quitting smoking

Your Dentist in Jamesville Can Help

If you’re experiencing the symptom of periodontal disease, or if you have not visited our dental office in a while, contact a member of Dr. D’Amico’s team to schedule an appointment today.

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